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My name is Babak and I am a film / music composer, producer and performer. At this moment I am based in Madrid and I like Spanish culture a lot. So do not worry, I will not go anywhere else. Start scrolling or clicking around and you will find more about me and my projects. Hopefully you will like it. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts or questions.

Shortly after the war I used to wrap my musical instrument in a piece of cloth so the police or civil guard were not able to recognise it because they would have confiscated or damaged it. In these conditions I started to learn music when I was nine years old. Studying music and playing for the public was the dream I could not have hoped for. I left my family, friends and my country behind to follow my dream...

I ended up in The Netherlands and completed my musical studies at the Prince Clause Conservatory in Groningen and HKU in Utrecht. I was able to study and play freely. Now I develop a lot of intercultural projects and I offer my unknown background in a new sound.


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